St. Louis Blues Prospect Tournament Roster

The St. Louis Blues have announced their 2011 roster for the NHL prospect tournament at Centre I.C.E. arena in Traverse City, MI. The team features  two players who saw action in the NHL last season in Stefan Della Rovere (7 games) and Philip McRae (15 games). Also on the roster are five of the Blues 11 selections from this years entry draft including Ty Rattie who was taken with the 32nd overall pick. This year’s Tournament is scheduled from September 10 – 14 and will feature teams from Dallas, Detroit, Columbus, Buffalo, Carolina, Minnesota, New York, and St. Louis. For details on the tournament and ticket information please click here.

48 Jay Barriball RW 5.09 175 SAN-06 (7-203) Minnesota (NCAA)
72 Cody Beach LW 6.05 185 STL–10 (5-134) Moose Jaw (WHL)
19 Stefan Della Rovere LW 5.11 200 WSH-08 (7-204) Peoria (AHL) 
81 Stephen MacAulay C 6.02 185 STL-10 (6-164) St. John (QMJHL)
38 Philip McRae C 6.02 200 STL-08 (2-33) Peoria (AHL)
54 Anthony Nigro LW 6.00 189 STL-08 (6-155) Peoria (AHL)
65 Chase Polacek RW 5.08 190 RPI (NCAA)
61 Ty Rattie RW 6.00 167 STL-11 (2-32) Portland (WHL)
49 Andy Sackrison C 6.01 178 STL-06 (5-124) Minnesota State (NCAA)
84 Tyler Shattock RW 6.03 200 STL-09 (4-108) Peoria (AHL)
70 Ryan Tesink LW 6.00 161 STL-11 (6-162) St. John (QMJHL)
67 Yannick Veilleux LW 6.01 187 STL-11 (4-102) Shawinigan (QMJHL)
52 Maxime Villemaire * C 6.02 217 Drummondville (QMJHL)
73 Brock Beukeboom D 6.02 199 TMP-10 (3-63) Sault Ste. Marie (OHL)
62 Joel Edmundson D 6.04 200 STL-11 (2-46) Moose Jaw (WHL)
82 Cade Fairchild D 5.11 186 STL-07 (4-96) Minnesota (NCAA)
71 Martin Lefebvre * D 5.11 180 Quebec (QMJHL)
56 Brett Ponich D 6.07 225 STL-09 (2-48) Portland (WHL)
58 David Shields D 6.03 216 STL-09 (6-168) Erie (OHL)
53 Nicolas Therrien * D 5.10 185 Chicoutimi (QMJHL)
34 Jake Allen G 6.02 175 STL-08 (2-34) Peoria (AHL)
45 Jordan Binnington G 6.02 160 STL-11 (3-88) Owen Sound (OHL)

* denotes free agent tryout

** All Rosters are in draft form and are subject to change.

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  1. Tom Rady said:

    Aug 21, 11 at 8:42 pm


    I enjoy your writing very much. I believe in one of your posts somewhere you asked what people would like to see in ter ms of mew ideas for stories. I have one for you that I have thought about a lot.

    Many young wings prospects are not ready for Grand Rapids, and some are sent to Toledo. I believe I read that five or six could be sent there this year. I think a story about how the Toledo coach and GM determine and handle playing time for Detroit and Chicago prospects together as they share the affiliation. How much input Wings and Hawks management have in that etc. The differences between junior, college, the ECHL, AHL etc.

    I plan on goint to both GR and Toledo games this year and would like to learn more about how they are run. Again, you do a great job!

    Tom in metro detroit

    PS-What is your other job that helps you pursue your labor of love?

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