Ticket Sale for 2015 Red Wings Training Camp Announced

Centre ICE1Red Wings Training Camp organizers have announced a tentative ticket sale date for the 2015 TC NHL® Prospect Tournament and Detroit Red Wings training camp.  This is an in-person ticket sale only and will be held at Centre Ice Arena from 12 noon until 4 pm on July 5th, downstairs in the main lobby.  Tickets remaining after the in-person ticket sale will be available for purchase by FAX, which will begin at Noon on Tuesday, July 7 and continue until all tickets are sold out.  The fax number will be posted at Noon on Tuesday, July 7 the Centre Ice Arena website (www.centreice.org), on twitter (@redwingscamps) and Facebook (DRW Events in TC).  More details in regard to the full training camp schedule and confirmation of this ticket sale date will be announced shortly. All ticket prices remain the same as the 2014 prices.

2 Responses to “Ticket Sale for 2015 Red Wings Training Camp Announced”

  1. Lynne Mysliwiec said:

    Jun 14, 15 at 1:31 pm

    For those of us making travel arrangements, we don’t need a detailed schedule, we just need to know that start and end dates of training camp, please

  2. Sarah Lindenau said:

    Jun 24, 15 at 12:23 pm

    We can’t release that yet. This is being held up by the coaching decisions.

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